rsyslog forwarder #4

Supports: precise
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Uses rsyslogs facilities to forward to a remote syslog server.

This subordinate will send all local syslogs to the related syslog server,
via TCP based syslog.

To use it

juju deploy someservice
juju deploy rsyslog mylogs
juju deploy rsyslog-forwarder
juju add-relation someservice rsyslog-forwarder
juju add-relation rsyslog-forwarder:syslog mylogs:aggregator

You should now be able to see all syslogs from the machines of
'someservice' in /var/log/syslog on the 'mylogs' machine.

Known Limitations

  • Does not handle scaled out rsyslog - logs will likely all go to the
    first rsyslog related.


(boolean) Should logs be written locally as well as forwarded?