qemu cloud #3

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This will start a QEMU instance running Ubuntu. Currently this charm uses the
ARM/highbank model running Ubuntu 12.04 armhf, but could be expanded for
other models in the future. A host port will be forwarded to the ssh port of
the QEMU instance. Note: this service models a 4G system, so a memory
constraint of >= 5G is recommended (deploy --constraints mem=5G).


QEMU can emulate platfroms of various architectures. This charm starts an Ubuntu instance within this emulated environment, and sets up IP masquerading to give the emulated system transparent access to the host's network. It also installs a port forward to give the user SSH access to the emulated system. Currently this charm emulates an ARM/highbank system, running the Ubuntu 'armhf' port. This charm also installs the user's public key into the emulated disk image, and a port forward to give the user SSH access to the emulated system.


This charm currently emulates a 4G system, so you will need a cloud instance with > 4G of memory.

Once bootstrapped, deploy the qemu-cloud charm:

juju deploy qemu-cloud --constraints mem=5G

Then expose the forwarded ssh port using:

juju expose qemu-cloud

You can then ssh to the emulated system by running:

ssh -p 2200 user@


Upgrades are not supported today, as it is isn't yet clear what the best
implementation of an upgrade would be.


(int) Host port to forward to the SSH port (22) of the QEMU instance