pubphoto #0

Supports: trusty


A simple way to exchange just-taken photos in the pub with people you don't know.


PubPhoto allows you to share photos or images with just a couple steps, and no complications. If you upload a photo, a code will be given to you. In order for another user to download or access the photo, they can just access the webpage and enter the code, and the photo will be available for them.

This charm will deploy and configure PubPhoto for use in the cloud.


First, bootstrap your environment:

juju bootstrap

Then, deploy the PubPhoto service:

juju deploy pubphoto

Wait a couple minutes, and discover the address by executing:

juju status pubphoto

You can browse to the service by going to the public address. You're all set now!

Scale out Usage

This charm will easily scale, so in order to add more units, you can execute:

juju add-unit pubphoto -n #

where # is the number of units you want to add. Once done, you can relate the service with HAProxy, in order to get a single address for the many instances that the service has by doing:

juju deploy haproxy
juju add-relation pubphoto:website haproxy:reverseproxy


This charm only has two configuration options: port and domain.

port: Use this option to set the port in which you want PubPhoto to run. It default to port 80.

domain: This is the domain name you will use for the service. If it is not set, it will default to the public address of the unit. This is useful if you are going to scale the service and using HAProxy, for example, where you can set the domain to the domain you will be using in your various units. It does not affect the service usability, it is just a string displayed on screen.

In order to set any of the options, execute the following command:

juju set [option]=[value]

Contact Information

Author: José Antonio Rey
Report bugs with the charm at:



(string) Domain in which pubphoto is running. If not set, it will default to the public address of the instance
(int) The port in which will be running