Juju solutions for OpenStack

Juju makes it easy to deploy OpenStack at scale. Quickly and reliably build an enterprise-scale cloud run on Ubuntu — the most popular operating system for OpenStack.

Benefit from a fully integrated and optimised combination of the latest release of Ubuntu Server and the latest release of OpenStack

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Why use Juju for OpenStack?


Reduce the time to deploy OpenStack from days to minutes.


Experiment with different versions, configurations and solutions to choose what works for you.


The main OpenStack releases are supported for a full five years on LTS releases of Ubuntu, giving you peace of mind combined with the latest OpenStack features.


Our OpenStack solutions encapsulate the industry-leading reference architecture for high-performance clouds. Allowing you to focus on your applications and workloads rather than on the underlying infrastructure of your cloud.

Start with a base cloud

This solution includes compute, networking, block storage (Cinder and Ceph), object storage (Ceph), identity, dashboard, and image management. You will only need 4 physical machines to deploy it, and you can scale it out by adding more physical machines.

Composed of (16)

Add metering

A useful function for any cloud is utilisation measurement. To accomplish this, add the ceilometer charm for telemetry alongside your existing OpenStack installation as above.

Key charms included in the bundle

Add Canonical’s Landscape service

Monitor, manage, and upgrade your images and cloud assets with Landscape. Follow these steps to deploy it:

  • Register with Landscape at https://landscape.canonical.com/signup
  • Edit the charm config and enter your account credentials
  • Add a relation to every OpenStack service you want to manage. (The Landscape client is a subordinate charm which means it connects to services already running in your model)
  • Manage your cloud at https://landscape.canonical.com