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Murmur is the VoIP server component for Mumble. Each murmur process
supports multiple virtual servers, each with their own user base and
channel list. A tree of channel is automatically created for all juju
service units that start a relationship with the mumber-server service.

Mumble Server

This charm sets up a public Mumble server, for use by groups of people
wanting to do voice communication via the "mumble" client. When used
with other juju services, it will create a tree of channels designed to
help coordinate administrative tasks between admins.


Once running, the server, users, groups, ACLs, and additional channels
can be configured through the client, using the "SuperUser" user and
password (noted below), using
these instructions

Configuring with a yaml file

The only configuration required in "local.yaml" is the password of the
"SuperUser" mumble user (needed above). This must be at least 8 characters
long, and if this is not configured, the mumble server will not start.

Example local.yaml:

   password: itsasecret

Basic start-up example:

juju boostrap
juju deploy --config local.yaml cs:precise/mumble-server my-mumble

Configuring on the fly

juju deploy cs:precise/mumble-server
juju set mumble-server password=itsasecret

Per-service unit channel tree creation:

$ juju deploy ... other-service
$ juju add-unit other-service
$ juju add-relation other-service my-mumble

The above relation will create the "other-service" channel with
sub-channels "0" and "1" (assuming that's how juju assigns the unit

Upstream Contact Information

Maintainer: Kees Cook <>


(string) Password for Mumble administrative account