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Deploys KusabaX

Kusaba X Juju Charm
Copyright 2012 by Chris Hardee


This charm is used to deploy a fully usable Kusaba X imageboard instance without
any user interaction. This is a great charm to deploy if you want a
2ch/4chan-style imageboard but are not up to speed on server installation etc.


First make sure your environment is setup and you have juju installed, please
see the juju documentation for help on this.

Edit the config.yaml, and change anything you'd like. Please be careful when
changing the slogan value, as some characters will break the scripts. As of now,
don't use pipes '|' or single-quotes.

After juju has been configured, bootstrap it:

juju bootstrap

(if running a local instance you might need sudo privileges)

Then deploy kusabax, you should do this from the root charm directory
(ie charmroot/distros/kusabax)

juju deploy --repository=. local:kusabax

Then deploy mysql:

juju deploy --repository=. local:mysql

Check on the status:

juju status

When both nodes are up and running, add the relation:

juju add-relation kusabax mysql

Then expose kusabax:

juju expose kusabax

Check on that status until the relation is set and everything is running.

Grab the public address from the status output and paste it into your browser.
If everything went ok, then you should see the basic kusaba x imageboard ready
to go.

We're not done yet though!

Navigate to manage.php by appending it to the public address

Login with username: admin password: admin

  1. On the left side, under Site Administration, click on Staff.
  2. Add a new administrator by giving a username, password, leaving the type to
    administrator, and clicking Add Staff Member.
  3. Log off, then renavigate to the manage.php site and log in with the new
    user. If everything went ok, then Delete the old default Admin user.

You are now ready!

Remember to add a board under Boards Administration, then go to Edit Section and
Add Section, then finally under Board options select the new board you just made
and change the Section drop-down to the new section.

When you navigate to the home page, you should see your new board and should be
able to post. Repeat for other boards/sections.

Known limitations and issues

This charm will checkout the latest stable release from
http://kusabax.cultnet.net/svn/ and installs it to the root /var/www directory.

Currently the script uses the current hostname for all configuration, you might
get some errors if you want to move to a proper domain (e.g. example.com).

Keep in mind imageboards like these are notorious for cross-site scripting
attacks, so keep note of current vulnerabilities from the kusabax home page.


For support on kusabax itself, checked out the
support board and the

Contact Information

Maintainer: Chris Hardee shazzner@gmail.com
Report bugs at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms


  • More config options
  • Add postgresql support
  • Double-check what exactly needs permissions to avoid www-root chmod 777
  • Add a way to change db relations
  • Would probably be a good candidate for
    apparmor support


(string) Imageboard name, make sure to escape special characters
juju kusaba x
(string) Website domain name, ie imageboard.com or overninethousand.net. If left 'blank', the ip address will be used. Can be changed after deployment
(string) Site slogan, set to nothing to disable its display
<em>"Created with Juju!"</em>
(boolean) If true, will allow users to change style