Production Grade Kubernetes®

The open-source orchestration system for cloud native infrastructures.

The easiest way to automate the deployment, scaling, lifecycle and management of your applications. Operate the latest Kubernetes, from the experts behind Ubuntu and the Kubernetes community.

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Works anywhere you run Ubuntu

Best practices across core components

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Latest upstream Kubernetes

  • TLS encryption between machines and clients
  • High availability and load balanced control plane
  • In-place upgrades for Kubernetes
  • Dynamic scaling of masters and nodes
  • Choice of SDN: flannel, calico, weave
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  • Distributed key value store
  • In-place upgrades
  • Dynamic scaling
  • TLS encryption
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  • Certificate authority
  • Serves signed certificates to the requesting units of the cluster

Portable, validated, scalable

  • Contains all the operational tooling needed to manage a production cluster — including upgrades and elastic scaling
  • Upgrade, pause and resume, snapshot and restore your nodes
  • Extensible and self-healing system
  • Tested on a wide range of infrastructures so you can avoid cloud lock-in and federate workloads between clouds or on-premise
  • Optimised portability across all environments
  • 100% validated against the Kubernetes Conformance Tests
  1. Pick your cluster from production-grade blueprints

    Staging cluster ›

    Start with a Kubernetes cluster of two machines — one master node and one worker node.

    Production cluster ›

    Progress to a highly available Kubernetes cluster — 2 masters, 3 workers, 3 etc nodes and API load balancer.

    Deep Learning cluster

    Accelerate Deep Learning workloads by adding GPUs at scale, with totally automated deployment.

    Start GPU tutorial

    Or try it on a single machine

    Get Kubernetes up and running on a single system with LXD, or a public cloud such as AWS, GCE or Azure.

  2. Add extra components

    Monitor, profile and debug your applications.

    Centralise all logs and metrics and get awesome dashboards for your cluster.

    Run stateful applications on bare metal or private clouds.

  3. Put your cluster to work

    The easy way to commoditise GPUs for Kubernetes

    Setting up your Deep Learning framework is now easier than ever with the new GPU integration of Charmed Kubernetes*. Perfect for production grade, on bare metal or in the cloud.

    Build a transcoding platform in minutes

    Charmed Kubernetes enables automatic discovery of GPU devices. Work as well with LXD to get a fine grain control mechanism to orchestrate video workflows and maximise the throughput of your clusters.

    Transform your solution into a private PaaS

    Kubernetes can be complemented by another layer to transform it into a PaaS, to maximise the proficiency of the development teams. It will provide complete freedom to deploy and manage your applications.

Kubernetes support plans

from $75/ year per node

Canonical offers K8s security maintenance and support with Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure with Essential, Standard and Advanced subscriptions.

  • Phone and web ticket support, with 10/5 and 24/7 coverage options
  • Managed Service includes disaster recovery
  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • Livepatch for all compatible kernels
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Landscape management

Price details

Kubernetes consulting packages

from $19,500 one-off fee

Canonical offers three Kubernetes consulting packages: Kubernetes Explorer and Kubernetes Discoverer and Discoverer Plus.

  • High availability (HA) control plane
  • Multi-cloud ready
  • Extensible
  • Secure
  • GPU/CUDA ready
  • Fully conformant Kubernetes
  • Hands-on training

Price details

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* Kubernetes® is a registered trademark of The Linux Foundation in the United States and other countries, and is used pursuant to a license from The Linux Foundation.