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Katib Operators


This bundle encompasses the Kubernetes python operators (a.k.a. charms) for Katib (see CharmHub).

The Katib operators are python scripts that wrap the latest released Katib manifests, providing lifecycle management for each application, handling events (install, upgrade, integrate, remove).


Install applications

To install Katib, run:

juju deploy katib

You can also install each application individually, like this:

juju deploy <application>

where <application> is one of katib-controller, katib-ui, or katib-db-manager.

Note : As a default, when you juju deploy an application or the full Katib bundle, you will deploy the latest pushed commit of Katib, even if unreleased updates are already available in the Kubeflow manifests. If you would like to try the latest available charm run:

juju deploy foo --channel=edge

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