JAAS gives you Juju, as a service

JAAS is the best way to quickly model and deploy your cloud-based applications. Concentrate on your software and solutions with a fully managed Juju infrastructure.

Your models Visit the store

Hosted Juju controllers

  • Managed by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu
  • Highly-available, secure, multi-region infrastructure
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting

Share and collaborate

  • Identity management across all models
  • Read only mode available

Deploy to public clouds

  • Use your existing credentials to deploy to any cloud

Pre-configured open source software

  • All the ops knowledge required to automate the behaviour of your application
  • Reusable and repeatable workloads
  • Portable solutions across clouds

One view of all clouds and models

  • All models shared and owned by you in one place
  • Monitor the status of your models at a glance

Deploy Kubernetes in minutes

In partnership with Google, Canonical delivers a ‘pure K8s’ experience, tested across a wide range of clouds and integrated with modern metrics and monitoring.

The Charmed Kubernetes is for full production usage. Start using Kubernetes today.

Getting started

  • Create an Ubuntu Single Sign On identity

    JAAS uses Ubuntu SSO for identity management, so if you don’t already have an account create one at https://login.ubuntu.com

  • Get cloud credentials from your provider

    JAAS deploys your workload to your cloud of choice, so you must provide your cloud credentials for JAAS to create and access virtual machines on your behalf. We recommend that users generate a new set of credentials exclusively for use with JAAS via the public cloud's IAM tools. For instructions on getting your credentials see our credentials documentation page.

  • Start modelling

    On the command line:
    1. Install

    If you haven't installed Juju yet follow these instructions to get it running on your system.

    2. Register

    Register the JAAS controller with:

    juju register jimm.jujucharms.com

    With Juju 2.2 beta and later, registration is not required. Simply:

    juju login jaas

  • Find solutions to deploy

    Hundreds of popular cloud-oriented applications such as Kubernetes, Apache Hadoop, Big Data solutions and OpenStack are available in the store as charms and bundles. New ones are added nearly every day and are regularly reviewed and updated.

Alternatively, you can test and deploy models on your own hardware

Use Juju for private cloud infrastructure or deploying onto bare metal, including:

  • MAAS
  • Openstack
  • LXD

You can also deploy to public clouds including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and Joyent.

Install Juju