eclipse che #0

Supports: xenial


Installs the Eclipse Che cloud editor with support for creating Juju Charms.


This Charm deploys the latest Eclipse Che with integration for developing Juju Charms from your browser. Eclipse Che is a Next-Generation IDE with a developer workspace server.

Your browser becomes your IDE, your workspaces are docker containers. All the development tools, dependencies and libraries are already installed in the workspace. The only thing you have to do is surf to the url and start coding. To top it all off, you get an in-browser terminal right into your workspace.

Choose from a number of ready-to-go workspaces or build your own using Docker containers. Choose your stack view

Use the in-browser IDE to develop applications. IDE

Use the full-featured in-browser commandline. console view


To deploy the Charm run juju deploy cs:~tengu-team/eclipse-che.

Watch it being deployed using watch -c juju status --color (close using ctrl-c).

Model    Controller         Cloud/Region   Version
default  mycontroller       aws/us-east-1  2.0.2

App          Version  Status  Scale  Charm        Store       Rev  OS      Notes
eclipse-che           active      1  eclipse-che  local         2  ubuntu  exposed

Unit            Workload  Agent  Machine  Public address  Ports                     Message
eclipse-che/0*  active    idle   4    8080/tcp,32768-65535/tcp  Ready

When Che is ready, expose the GUI with juju expose eclipse-che and surf to http://CheIP:8080.

Contact Information


This software was created in the IDLab research group of Ghent University in Belgium. This software is used in Tengu, a project that aims to make experimenting with data frameworks and tools as easy as possible.


(string) Space separated list of extra deb packages to install.
(string) List of signing keys for install_sources package sources, per charmhelpers standard format (a yaml list of strings encoded as a string). The keys should be the full ASCII armoured GPG public keys. While GPG key ids are also supported and looked up on a keyserver, operators should be aware that this mechanism is insecure. null can be used if a standard package signing key is used that will already be installed on the machine, and for PPA sources where the package signing key is securely retrieved from Launchpad.
(string) List of extra apt sources, per charm-helpers standard format (a yaml list of strings encoded as a string). Each source may be either a line that can be added directly to sources.list(5), or in the form ppa:<user>/<ppa-name> for adding Personal Package Archives, or a distribution component to enable.
(string) The status of service-affecting packages will be set to this value in the dpkg database. Valid values are "install" and "hold".
(string) Version of Eclipse Che to install. Must be one of the tags of the eclipse/che docker container. See: