cinder backup #17

Supports: xenial bionic cosmic trusty


Cinder is the block storage service for the Openstack project. . This subordinate charm configures the Cinder backup service.

Cinder Backup Service


This charm provides a Cinder Backup component as part of OpenStack Cinder service. It is intended to be used alongside the other OpenStack components, even though it must have relation set up with core Cinder service.

To use:

juju deploy cinder
juju deploy -n 3 ceph
juju deploy cinder-backup
juju add-relation cinder-backup cinder
juju add-relation cinder-backup ceph



(int) This value dictates the number of replicas ceph must make of any object it stores withing the cinder rbd pool. Of course, this only applies if using Ceph as a backend store. Note that once the cinder rbd pool has been created, changing this value will not have any effect (although it can be changed in ceph by manually configuring your ceph cluster).