autotest #0

Supports: trusty
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Create a framework to run tests in the Autotest framework


The Autotest Charm creates a flexible method for running testcases inside the Autotest(autotest-local) Framework using juju actions.
The source for these tests are currently git:// but these can be changed to other git repos.


juju bootstrap
juju deploy autotest

Tests are execute using juju actions. Current available tests:

  • dbench
  • stress
  • stress_ng - Stress-ng (long running test, it takes approximately 3 hours to complete)
  • ubuntuqrt - QA Regression Tests - (disabled by default)
  • custom - currently sleeptest. This can be changed to any tests located in the autotest-client-tests directory. sleeptest is a short and simple test that is similar to a smoke test The available tests can be found in autotest/actions directory

Running the Tests

juju action do autotest/0  dbench

This returns an job id that can be used to wait for the completion of the test

  • Fetch the status of the test

    juju action fetch job_id --wait (seconds)

The tests can also run via amulet. The amulet scripts in the autotest/tests directory execute the above steps after bootstrapping.

Example to run the dbench amulet

juju bootstrap
cd autotest/tests/ && ./200-dbench

(Execute 00-setup to ensure all packages needed for amulet are installed prior to the first run)

Results are moved to the $CHARM_DIR/tmp/results/$test-name after each run.


(string) Location of the autotest client testcases
(string) Location of the autotest server