apache flume kafka #1

Supports: xenial
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Uses a Kafka source, memory channel, and Avro sink in Apache Flume to ingest messages published to a Kafka topic.


Flume is a distributed, reliable, and available service for efficiently collecting, aggregating, and moving large amounts of log data. It has a simple and flexible architecture based on streaming data flows. It is robust and fault tolerant with tunable reliability mechanisms and many fail over and recovery mechanisms. It uses a simple extensible data model that allows for online analytic application. Learn more at flume.apache.org.

This charm provides a Flume agent designed to ingest messages published to a Kafka topic and send them to the apache-flume-hdfs agent for storage in the shared filesystem (HDFS) of a connected Hadoop cluster. This leverages the KafkaSource jar packaged with Flume. Learn more about the Flume Kafka Source.


This charm requires Juju 2.0 or greater. If Juju is not yet set up, please follow the getting-started instructions prior to deploying this charm.

This charm is intended to be deployed via the hadoop-kafka bundle:

juju deploy hadoop-kafka

This will deploy an Apache Bigtop Hadoop cluster with Apache Flume and Apache Kafka. More information about this deployment can be found in the bundle readme.

Network-Restricted Environments

Charms can be deployed in environments with limited network access. To deploy in this environment, configure a Juju model with appropriate proxy and/or mirror options. See Configuring Models for more information.


The default Kafka topic where messages are published is unset. Set this to an existing Kafka topic as follows:

juju config flume-kafka kafka_topic='<topic_name>'

If you don't have a Kafka topic, you may create one (and configure this charm to use it) with:

juju run-action kafka/0 create-topic topic=<topic_name> \
  partitions=1 replication=1
juju show-action-output <id>  # <-- id from above command
juju config flume-kafka kafka_topic='<topic_name>'

Once the Flume agents start, messages will start flowing into HDFS in year-month-day directories here: /user/flume/flume-kafka/%y-%m-%d.


A Kafka topic is required for this test. Topic creation is covered in the Configuration section above. Generate Kafka messages with the write-topic action:

juju run-action kafka/0 write-topic topic=<topic_name> data="This is a test"

To verify these messages are being stored into HDFS, SSH to the flume-hdfs unit, locate an event, and cat it:

juju ssh flume-hdfs/0
hdfs dfs -ls /user/flume/flume-kafka  # <-- find a date
hdfs dfs -ls /user/flume/flume-kafka/yyyy-mm-dd  # <-- find an event
hdfs dfs -cat /user/flume/flume-kafka/yyyy-mm-dd/FlumeData.[id]

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(string) The maximum number of events stored in the channel.
(string) The maximum number of events the channel will take from a source or give to a sink per transaction.
(string) The HDFS subdirectory under /user/flume where events will be stored.
(string) Maximum number of messages written to channel in a single batch
(string) The Kafka topic to watch for messages
(string) URL from which to fetch resources (e.g., Flume binaries) instead of S3